Hey, my fabulous Queens! It's Ashley your favorite boutique CEO. Today, I'm taking you behind the scenes, to give you a glimpse into the story and soul of Ivy Reina – a brand that started with a passion for fashion and a mission to redefine style for every woman.

A Dream Kindled in the 4th Grade

From the 4th-grade dreamer who despised the limited options at the mall's husky section, I present Ivy Reina, a brand rooted in the belief that every woman, regardless of her size, deserves to shine. But seriously, why husky? Why not curvy and proud or thicc legend? I'm just saying no one wants to be called husky. It was 2004 so you know the vibe. 

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From Classroom to Catwalk: My Unconventional Journey

Fast forward to my college days at Wade College in Dallas, TX, where I studied fashion merchandising and design. Honestly I'm obsessed with my Alma Mater and highly recommend to any queen wanting to enter the career of fashion! Anyway, post-graduation, like many millennials, I found myself teaching in a classroom, not thanking the crowd on a runway. Teaching was noble, but my heart yearned for the fabrics, not the chalkboard. Enter Ivy Reina – my escape from the classroom and my canvas to paint the world in style. It started as a side hustle hobby and now it's my one true love (after my hubby of course). 

Wade College School For Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising

Celebrating Black Women: The Muse Behind Ivy Reina Collections

The heart of Ivy Reina? Black women – from fashion icons to my circle of fierce friends and family. Every time we create a branded collection like Iconic Allure Collection it's just one way I honor these incredible women. Every piece in our curated collection was selected with black women in mind from our shows and style icons, to the women near to my heart.Our deep collections are not just about trends; they're about embracing every woman's uniqueness with a touch of glam. 

Mommy and Me

The Ivy Reina Community: Beyond Fashion

Ivy Reina may be a budding brand, but the community we're building on TikTok and our VIP Facebook group is electric. That's where our VIPs get all the inside scoop. We've faced challenges – our original Instagram was hacked, and personal turmoil hit close to home. But we've risen stronger! We were featured in Dallas Voyage Magazine, and invited to pop-up shops at places like Market by Macy's and Afro Soca Love Festival. I appreciate everyone that has road the waves and continued to support, I literally couldn't have done it with out you. 

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Inclusivity in Every Stitch

Diversity isn't just a buzzword; it's our essence. Inclusivity runs through the veins of Ivy Reina – in clothing sizes, styling choices, campaign models, and influencers. We believe fashion should be a celebration of individuality. While we cater to the needs of the BIPOC community first we embrace all women, men, and they's that support our brand. 

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Real Talk: Our Jeans, Your Confidence

Our customers spill the tea – our jeans are game-changers, thanks to the perfect amount of stretch. We want every woman to feel confident, expressing herself through her personal style and apparently our Jeans are where it's at! You'll have to read the reviews to get inspired and try out a pair yourself to see what we really mean when we say Ivy Reina has the best jeans!

Light wash Plus Size Jeans Denim
Embracing Our Community

Our social media fam on TikTok has embraced us, now it's time to shop and leave those reviews, Queens! I'm always happy to share how you style it, collab, and even feature you in our shop. Our private Facebook community is the best place to get the lowdown on what's new, trending, and on sale! And, speaking of community, we're bringing Ivy Reina to you with pop-up shops every month, so let's connect in person.

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Confidence, Glamour, and a Whole Lot of Fun

At Ivy Reina, we're all about showcasing confidence, glamour, and having a blast while doing it. Because why shouldn't fashion be fun?

So, there you have it – the Ivy Reina story, stitched with dreams, glamour, and a touch of rebellion. Join me on this journey as we redefine style, one fabulous outfit at a time.

Ready to slay, Queens?


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