About Ivy Reina

While Ivy Reina has only just opened June 12th of 2019, it has always been my dream to open a women's clothing store that serves all women since I was a little girl. At that time I never imagined I'd be able to use the internet to my dreams come true, but here we are living in the 21st century. I can still remember shopping with my mom in search of a size 10 husky. Yes, even at 10 years old I had a curvy body, but what little girl wants to be called husky? Luckily the term switched to Plus and eventually, my favorite, curvy. I loved the term curvy because it is the perfect term to describe my body and for me that meant finding jeans for "Big Booty Girls" i.e. me. Fast forward to my college years, I was working full time and going to school full time. How I managed that I will never know, but in the end I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Merchandise Management and Design from Wade College (shout out.) Little did I know I'd fall victim to the millennial curse of not being able to find an entry level job in  my field because of "lack of experience." After almost a year of job searching life, aka student loans, hit and it was time to start looking into plan C, becoming a teacher. Ivy Reina was always plan A, but plan A needed funds that I just didn't have. My second year of teaching that feeling of "this isn't it" sank in for me. Don't get me wrong every year I end up falling in LOVE with my kids, but I wasn't following my dreams like I was telling them to do, so the second semester I got started working towards my dreams. I spent that year researching everything I needed to do to start up my boutique. Finally, it was time to come up with a name and all I could think of was a conversation I had had with my husband about our future children. I kept telling him that I don't like junior names, but if we had a girl I'd name her after him. His name being Ivan it was an easy enough name for me to come up with, Ivy. He's always treated me like a queen and I wanted to be sure our daughter knew from the day she was born that she too was a queen. One day he randomly said "how about we call her Reina, or better yet Ivy Reina?" My eyes lit up because if in case you didn't know reina means queen in spanish translating her name to Queen Ivy. Inspired by that conversation I had the name of my store. After that we arrived here with a boutique that aims to make every woman feel like a queen. If you read all of this thanks and congrats you get an additional 10% off with promo code: ORIGIN. XOXO

Ashley Hernandez

CEO, Ivy Reina

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