Hello Queens! One way to boost confidence is to be confident in our style choices. The easiest way to do this is to focus on the K.I.S.S (keep it simple silly)  method. Today we want to focus our energy on simplifying your wardrobe to take it from trendy to stylish. 

  1. First things first, we have to clean out that closet! Start with getting rid of everything that no longer fits. Things that are too big you don’t want to gain weight to fit them again and things that are too small personally make me sad about my current body so I like to toss those too. Plus getting rid of things that don’t fit makes room for new clothes. Next thing I like to get rid of are things that I haven’t worn in a year. I do a year because in Texas our seasons are so all over the place that it might have just been too hot to wear it this month. 
  2. Donate it or sell it online! Now that our closet is clean we need to get all of that junk out of the house. I like to take my clothing to the local goodwill, clothing drop box, or younger cousin because I know the clothes will get a second life. Selling them can be tough and not very profitable, but a little extra cash is still extra cash. Try taking your clothing to a local resell shop or taking pictures and selling them on Ebay. Fun fact the Nasty Gal clothing company actually started this way. goodwill
  3. Building the basics. Now that our closet is clean we can add some must haves beginning with colors. Start with a neutral foundation. A lasting wardrobe will consist of the colors blacks, browns, tans, whites, blues and gold and silver accessories. This is because these colors are easy to mix and match while still giving you a very clean and put together style. 
  4. Styles that work! Everyone needs these basic styles in their wardrobe if they want to always look stylish. First find your perfect pair of jeans. The style of denim will be different for everyone based on body shape. I personally love the way high waisted mom jeans fit my body. Next would have to be the graphic tee. A simple graphic tee can be styled casually or professionally when paired with the right bottoms and accessories, making it a must have. The classic white button down is another closet essential because it easily pairs with everything. Next is the LBD or little black dress. You need this because you can dress them up or down and in the right style can be worn to most occasions. The last thing I’ll mention today is the jacket. I personally think you need multiple styles of jackets but I would start with just one and build from their. The styles that I love are the black leather jacket, a printed blazer, a denim jacket, and a tan trench coat. 
  5. Here’s a checklist of wardrobe classics everyone needs to have in the foundation colors above. These will ensure that no matter how you mix and match them you are always lookin stylish. 
    1. Outerwear
      1. Blazer
      2. Denim jacket
      3. Leather jacket
      4. Trench coat
    2. Tops
      1. T-shirt
      2. Camisole
      3. Button down shirt
      4. Simple sweater
      5. Turtleneck 
    3. Dresses
      1. A little black dress
      2. Slip dress
    4. Bottoms
      1. Skinny Jeans
      2. Trousers
      3. Leather pants
      4. Pencil skirt

Tune in next week as we talk about how to stay productive and organized. XOXO, Ivy Reina