Hey Queens, as we bid farewell to yet another fabulous year, it's time to take a stroll down the runway of 2023's most enchanting fashion trends. From eco-chic sustainability to dazzling tech-infused creations, our beloved fashion scene has been nothing short of a sartorial adventure. At Ivy Reina, we've curated the crème de la crème list of trends for our sophisticated and fashion-forward queens – because why settle for anything less than extraordinary?

1. Slaying Sustainably:
In 2023, green is the new black and we don't mean the color honey! Sustainable fabrics, recycled glam, and ethical slayage took the forefront. Because being fabulous should never come at the cost of our planet – it's a movement, and we're leading it. 

One of our favorite sustainable brands at Ivy Reina is Zanana. Zenana is a leading clothing company offering sustainable, ethical, and affordable basics made from quality fabrics, to ensure that they will last for many seasons to come. Their main goal is to provide environmentally friendly clothing at an affordable price.

Sustainable Brands

2. Techno Glam Extravaganza:
Fashion met the future in 2023, and the result? Absolute magic. From garments that lit up the night to accessories that doubled as tech marvels, our wardrobes became the hottest runway in town.

The tummy control technology in our favorite denim brand Judy Blue has been one of the hottest sellers of the year. Search Tummy Control to find all of the great styles that will have you snatched. 

Tummy Control Jeans

3. Maximalism: Because More is More, Darling:
Minimalism had its moment in the sun, but 2023 was all about indulgence. Think bold prints, vibrant hues, and embellishments that would make even the most extra queens blush. It's a celebration of excess, and we are here for it!

I personally loved the loud daring colors and prints from this year and this plus size jumpsuit does not disappoint, checking off a couple trends in one outfit!

Plus Size Maximalist Retro Jumpsuit

4. Athleisure Elegance:
We've perfected the art of looking fierce while staying comfy. Enter the era of athleisure elegance, where sneakers meet sophistication, leggings are a fashion statement, and sweatshirts redefine casual chic. Who says you can't slay at the gym and on the streets?

If you're going to workout you might as well do it in style! Our collection of athleisure is perfect for every season and every body. With a range of styles and sizes you're sure to find something perfect for your new year's goals. 

Yoga outfit set Black Star Leggings and Sports Bra

5. Unapologetically Gender Fluid:
Fashion knows no boundaries, especially in 2023. We celebrated inclusivity with gender-neutral collections that speak to the diverse beauty of Black women. It's all about breaking free from the molds and embracing the fabulous spectrum of style.

Fun fact the silver Kaitlyn Jogger Set was purchased more often by men than women. As a "women's" clothing boutique it's always great to see which styles cross genders because like most things style is fluid. 

Silver Outfit Set Silver Joggers

6. Nostalgia, Darling:
Retro vibes took us on a trip down memory lane, darling. From '90s grunge to '70s disco fever, we revived the classics and made them our own. Vintage never looked this good on us!

Within the 70s retro trend I think my absolute favorite part was all the bell sleeves! Our dramatic plus size bell sleeve top was perfect for dressing up or down all year long. 

Retro 70s style top white bell sleeve plus size satin leopard print top

7. Headgear Extravaganza:
Step aside, ordinary accessories – 2023 is the year of head-turning headgear. Whether it's oversized hats or avant-garde headscarves, our crowns have never been more regal.

Our hat collection is forever expanding. But we couldn't get over how gorgeous this Barbie Pink Fedora was in early fall. We have a strong feeling it's going to make a major come back for the spring. 

Hot Pink Fedora with gold chain

8. Slaying in Silhouette:
Comfort met sophistication in 2023 as we embraced the elegance of fluid silhouettes. Flowy dresses, wide-leg trousers, and billowy tops – because why choose between comfort and chic when you can have both?

Nothing said chic like a flowy pants set this year. If you haven't taken a look at our collection of outfit sets this year you're truly missing out!

Flowy Green Pants Set

9. Digital Front Row Royalty:
Front row at fashion shows? Darling, we're upgrading to the digital throne. Virtual runways and immersive experiences brought the world of fashion to our fingertips, making us the reigning queens of the digital realm. We personally enjoyed Rihanna's Runway Show as well as the revival of project runway!

10. Upcycled Glamour:
Turning the old into the new? Now, that's the epitome of chic. Upcycled fashion became our playground, where creativity and sustainability danced hand in hand, proving that elegance has an eco-friendly side. In 2024 we're jumping on the upcycling trend repurposing our oldest items in our collections to make them more modern. Stay tuned for details!

In the tapestry of 2023's fashion landscape, has left an indelible mark – a legacy of innovation, sustainability, and unapologetic style. As we stride confidently into the future, these trends will continue to weave the narrative of our extraordinary journey. Because, my darlings, when it comes to fashion, we're not just trendsetters; we're the creators of our own runway saga, and it's nothing short of magnificent. Stay fabulous, stay fierce, and let the slayage continue!

Ashley Hernandez