Top 5 Fashion Trends Of Fall 2021

Happy Monday Queens,

So fall is right around the corner and it’s so important for you to make sure your wardrobe is appropriate for the trend. With everything going on over the last year the 2021 trends completely understood the assignment, and are giving exactly what they are supposed to give. I picked my top five favorite trends of fall 2021.

  1. In perfect timing for the back to school and back to work season, the trend dark academia is here with a fierceness. With this trend you will see a lot of plaid and houndstooth prints. These prints will be in dark color palates and paired with a lot of black. As far as the clothing goes you will see a lot of blazers, skirts, and pencil pants, paired with heavy sweaters and . This moody trend is definitely number one on my tend list. Dark Academia
  2. This next trend is for our glam queens. SEQUINS and SPARKLES are in, and not just for evening-wear, but as an everyday trend. This fall we will be rocking our sparkles as tops, skirts, and pants, all paired with something neutral and flowy to calm down the glitter. I personally can’t wait to try out the pants from our Emily set with an oversized button-down or oversized blazer. 
  3. 90s grunge is here to stay! Hold on to the band tees and pair them with your loose-fitting jeans and mini skirts. Don’t forget about your little black dress with your undershirt. And don’t forget to make everything oversized. 
  4. Look through your summer wardrobe and pick out all of your bright heavily saturated hues because the colors are in this year. Mix and match your bright colors wearing 3 at once or pair them with a loud printed pair of paints (which is another trend for 2021). Saturated Hues
  5. Don’t put your crop tops in storage yet. Crop top sets are still in through the fall just add a long flowy jacket and you’re perfectly on-trend. Or you can always upgrade to a cropped long sleeve or sweater for a cute comfy look. Crop top set fall

There are a few other trends that will be happening this fall, but you’ll have to tune in next we when we talk about fall accessory trends. Remember no matter what you wear you’re a freaking queen. XOXO, Ivy Reina

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