What you'll need:

You're going to need a measuring tape and your beautiful self. is all you will need to find the perfect pair of jeans.

How do I measure for my perfect fit?

For tops and dresses, you need to measure your bust and waist. Starting with your bust you want to hold the top of the measuring tape over the middle of your chest and wrap the rest of the measuring tape around your back meeting in the middle your chest. Use that number to determine the fit of the top of the shirt or dress. Use the same technique around your waist for the bottom of the top or the middle section of your dress. 

For pants, you should start by measuring your waste, most of our pants are high wasted so you'll want to make sure to get the correct measurements. Next wrap the measuring tape around your hips and finally from your hip to the ground.

I have my measurements now what?

Match the measurements to the size chart to find your perfect size. Keep in mind when it comes to the style of your jeans personal preferences is what will matter the most. For example boyfriend jeans give me a very relaxed look where skinny jeans make my booty pop and highlight my curves. So I pick my style based on what look I want to achieve.

size chart

model sizes model sizes