Hey Queens, 

How was y’all’s weekend? Ours was super busy! We traveled to Texarkana this weekend to grow the queendom during the Exotic Nights pop-up shop. You definitely had to be there to get the full extent of what they meant when they said exotic. Anyways a new week is upon us and as always we did the research so you don’t have to. As promised this week we will be discussing our top 5 favorite accessory trends for Fall 2021. If you missed last week’s blog post make sure you read it to find out what the top fall fashion trends of 2021 will be. I must say the 90s/00s are here to stay with these fresh off-the-runway trends. 


  1. First, we have the infamous bucket hat. We’ve seen this trend flow in and out of style over the last 10 years so we should all have one in our closet by now. This season we’re seeing heavier fabrics like wool and fur bucket hats, but if you have one that’s animal print dust it off because that will most likely be the leading style for the bucket hat this fall. Bucket Hat
  2. This next trend is giving us Aaliyah vibes for real for real. Detachable sleeves/ long fingerless gloves. So for this trend, there are so many variations of what it looks like but think shoulder cut-outs or sleeves that you can take off it’s too warm. You could also be on trend with a long pair of sheer, stylish gloves if you’re wanting to do it in a more princess-core vibe. Detachable Sleeves
  3. My favorite trend would have to be the oversized bag. Yes, I’m that queen that takes all of her stuff with her where ever she goes because you never know when you’ll need to throw on some makeup, eat a snack, or get the inspiration to write something down. It’s better to be prepared that’s all I’m saying. Anyway, for this trend, you’ll need an oversized bag, and we mean oversized like, it’ll definitely count as your one carry-on at the airport big. 
  4. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we also have tiny attachable bags. Think stylish fanny pack. So basically all of those super cute little purses and wristlets that were just trending have been redesigned so that you won’t have to hold them in your hand all of the time. I’ve seen the straps added so that they can go on your arm like those workout phone cases, as well as, the classic fanny pack style strap. Comment below which way you’d wear it.
  5. The last trend we’ll talk about today is the headscarf. Now I know there has been a lot of controversy over the bonnet over the summer, but the scarf is trending. So, grab your silk/satin scarves and protect your crown sis. Head Scarf Trend 2021

Hopefully you’re loving the trends we’ve uncovered for this coming fall, but on the slim chance you aren’t with the Y2K fashion trends that are coming back checkout some of the other fall fashion trends that we didn’t mention on your favorite magazine’s website. We’re interested in hearing about what you ladies would like for us to do a top 5 list on. Comment below with your ideas or what you think about the fall trends we mentioned here. We’ll pick a topic from you guys to research Wednesday. Until next week, remember you’re a freaking queen no matter what you wear. XOXO, Ivy Reina

Ashley Hernandez