Hey Queens!

So I know we’ve all noticed how everything is getting more expensive. From gas prices to avocados it seems like we can’t catch a break. It's as if going from a pandemic to war affected the economy or something. So here are some ways to save money but still satisfy that itch to shop. 


First, we have to talk about the dollar tree, now yes I know they raised their prices and I was mad too, but hear me out. We all can agree that $0.25 was not the issue it was the principal, but have you been inside lately because they're using that extra coin to upgrade their selection. I have an entire list of DIY dollar tree projects that I’m going to be doing this spring. It’s giving affordable luxury for me and I’m obsessed. 

Dollar Tree DIY

If you’re going to shop be sure to sign up for everyone’s loyalty program (including the Ivy Reina program.) Get yourself a junk email account and sign up for every email list of any place that you shop at. Before you go on your online shopping spree check that email I guarantee there will be some kind of sale/coupon code you can use to make your purchase (especially if you abandon your cart a lot of companies want you to come back so make sure you're checking to see if you’ve got a coupon before your finish checking out. Also, loyalty points go a long way, if you’re a loyal customer you might as well get rewarded for it.


Speaking of signing up for loyalty programs, always enter your birthday. My favorite activity on my birthday is to go through my junk email and see all of the freebies and offers I can collect during the month. Then I drag my husband around the mall and collect my free makeup sample and snacks. I also will forward the emails to him if something catches my eye because I believe in everyone saving money even on gifts for me. 


Next, you’ve got to listen to podcasts or watch YouTubers. Now think about it, we all know they get paid sponsors and are making bank from it, but what you have to pay attention to is the coupon code they give you after the promo. You’ll save money and support your favorite creators, leading to more brand deals and more coupons for you. 


Last on our list is shopping the sale section. When I tell you there are some gems in the sale section of an online store. My personal tip is to change the filter to price low to high so that the cheapest products come up first. I only add to the cart what I actually like but it keeps me from adding things that are newly marked down and could be getting marked down further in a week. Here’s the thing though if you really want it, grab it because you’re definitely taking the “if it’s meant to be” approach when you do things my way.  


Hopefully, you found some ways to save or at least found this week's blog entertaining. Be sure to check out the Ivy Reina Sale selection for some affordable pieces to add to your wardrobe or our gifts under $20 for those upcoming birthdays. For being a loyal queen use code: REGAL for 20% off your next order (including sale items, but cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion.) Until next week XOXO Ivy Reina

Ashley Hernandez