Hey Queens, it’s officially March! Is it just me or has time been flying by? I can’t believe it’s already time for Dallas Market Week! For those who don’t know that’s like fashion week but at the Dallas World Trade Center and the festivities start next week. This is the first year that I’m actually able to attend and I’m thinking I want to go all week, but we’ll see, and don’t worry I’ll be going live (when I can) during the event. In preparation for the event, I’ve been doing a lot of research for upcoming styles for fall (I know right who’s even thinking about that yet lol) and I came across a list of fashion faux pas or fashion don’ts, so this week we’re talking about fashion don’t’s that you should totally do. 


Now, this first fashion faux pa is one I’ve never heard of but I think I get why they say not to do it. The article said to never wear Black and Blue or Black and Navy together. I think this rule was coming from a good place because sometimes blacks can have a blue hue and your navy could be on the darker side making it look like your blacks don’t match. However, these classic workwear colors can definitely be worn together. Try creating some space between your black and blue or adding a pop of color using blue like a neutral color will keep the colors from clashing.

 Navy and Black

This next don’t I actually remember hearing all of the time and I don’t know who started it, but the saying goings never mix your metals and less is more, meaning don’t wear silver and gold together and keep it simple. Here’s the thing with this, you definitely should not wear silver earrings with a gold necklace and silver bracelets. However, with the layering trend, it’s completely ok for you to wear your silver and gold necklaces by mixing different sizes and styles of chains. This will give you some freedom with your choice of earrings and allow you to do some mixing with your bracelets and rings as well. When it comes to keeping your accessories simple while simple jewelry works well for minimalists, I personally am a maximalist and I only want to use simple jewelry when I’m wearing a bold outfit. When I wear a simple outfit my accessories are stacked and bold, but it’s personal preference above all else. 

Silver and gold jewelry

The biggest contradiction in fashion history is the rule of never mixing prints. On one hand, they say don’t do it, but when you look at fashion magazines or runways all they do is mix prints. Yes, I agree that’s more of an artistic choice, but like I said I’m a maximalist, so I mix prints. There are countless ways to do this and look immaculate, and there are ways to do it and look a little off. I personally think about the size of the prints. For example, if you use small prints on top use larger more spaced-out prints on the bottom and stay within the same color scheme. You can also use busy prints with similar fabrics to create a more luxurious aesthetic. My personal favorite is to use my print like a neutral and pair it with something more bold and solid accessories. 

Mixing Prints

Hopefully, we were able to inspire you to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Check out our Spring Things collection to easily try out these styles this season, and don’t forget to come back every Monday for more from the Ivy Reina queendom. Always remember no matter what you wear you’re a f-ing queen, until next week. XOXO Ivy Reina

Ashley Hernandez