Hello Queens,

Hopefully, you were able to stay warm and cozy through last week’s winter weather. I know my driveway is still slightly frozen, but as long as it’s not preventing me from leaving the house I know it will melt eventually. Enough about the weather, by now you’ve probably got your Valentine’s Day outfit on lock (if not you should definitely check out our valentine’s day collection), and if your partner is like mine they’ve waited until this week to start looking into what to do for Valentine’s Day. If that’s you forward this week’s blog post to them because we’re dropping some romantic Valentine’s Date Ideas for you and your boo (or for you to take yourself we love a good self date experience too.) Of course, the specific locations will feature DFW locations, but you’ll get a good idea of what to keep an eye out for when you’re looking for something to do. 

Cozy Jacket


I absolutely must start with my favorite date spot and that’s wineries. If you happen to be off on Valentine’s Day definitely consider taking a wine tour of your local winery. Make a picnic out of it by bringing a charcuterie board and having lunch in the vineyard. For our DFW queens, I highly recommend seeing if there are any wine tours in Grapevine, TX. During these tours you can stop at several different wineries in Grapevine and sample their selections, it’s a great way to share some drinks and find a new favorite wine. If there aren’t any tours available still stop at one of the locations for lunch they often have wine tasting options and a great light lunch menu. 


This next idea works even if you’re trying to meet someone new during the season of love. Try visiting a fancy hotel bar. My husband and I did this for our anniversary and it was so nice to be in a different environment from where we normally hang out. I highly recommend going to the Virgin Hotels if you have them in your area. The ambiance is great for photos and the drinks are strong and delicious. 

Virgin Hotels

Don’t worry sober queens we’ve got something for you too. Check with your local event planners and see if they do luxury picnics. I’ve seen these all over my social media and I want to have one with my girls so bad. Now you can definitely DIY it but I don’t have the interior design skills to do this to the degree that I would want for my photos. Luxury Picnic

Not hungry? Put together a sexy game night for you and your partner. Order a deck of pre-made cards or dice, or make your own deck of truth or dare cards and really get to know your partner. If you’re grown feel free to make them X-rated and make romance fun again. 



Last but not least, we’ve got something for the queens that plan to stay at home. Here’s my romantic home date night play-by-play. Start by preparing or ordering dinner, I personally like to keep it classic and order Chinese take-out. While we eat dinner we’ll watch some romcoms in the living room (honestly if it has Matthew McConaughey or Michael B. Jordan it’s a romantic movie in my eyes.) Once we finish dinner I like to fill up the bathtub with hot water and add bath bombs/oils and use a few of the roses (from the bouquet he buys me lol) to fill the tub with rose petals. I bring a bath tray, 2 wine glasses, and our favorite wine and we talk in the tub until the bottle is empty. After that, if you don’t know how to end the night I say just let the wine take you. 


Hopefully, you were able to figure out what to do for Valentine’s Day next week. Come back next week and I will tell you my personal love story. In Honor of Valentine’s Day. XOXO Ivy Reina

Ashley Hernandez