Happy Last Day Of January Queens, 

With January ending it’s time to start getting ready for the season of love or lust depending on what side of the coin, you’re on this year lol. Getting ready for Valentine’s Day should be fun and reflect your personal style, and you don’t have to be dating to get dolled up. You can literally take the time to fall in love with yourself, I highly recommend self dating it’s truly awakening.  Sorry about the tangent, but this week we’ll be deep-diving into ways to show your personal style this Valentine’s day. 

Ok, so we’re going to start with classy Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. So when I think of class v-day outfits my mind goes straight to Gabrielle Union’s character Mary Jane and her collection of sheath dresses. We love a cute fitted sheath dress because it screams classy boss lady no matter what your actual position is lol. If you’re planning on going on an elegant date night after work then this is the perfect transition look as well. The fit of the sheath dress will give your body a nice shape and typically these dresses are knee-length so you’ll be able to show off some leg, modestly. Pair with simple accessories and shoes to keep the luxury vibe. If you’re thinking of wearing black try adding a pop of color with your shoes and bag. Check out our Classy Valentine's day looks here. 

Gabrielle Union


Up next we’re taking a look at some glam v-day outfits. Now you don’t want to be too over the top (unless of course you do and if that’s the case get it queen), but you’re definitely the type that wants all eyes on you. I would personally suggest wearing something that sparkles and pair it with some bright bold colors. If you go with this option you’re going to want to be light on the accessories as to not take away from your glamorous outfit and makeup. Of course, it is valentine’s day so remember to keep it tight and sexy. Click here to take a look at our glam outfit ideas. 

Glam Vday fit


Now we’re wanting to dive into some looks for our boho queens. As a self-proclaimed weekend hippie, I’d like to think I know this style very. So for valentine’s day, we want to look a little more put together than we would on any given day so pull out those cute flowy skirts or dresses and pair them with your big earrings. If it’s cold you’re gonna want to wear some boots or booties with it, but if it’s a nice warm day pair it with your favorite chunky sandals. Don’t forget to add your flower crown and you’re ready for a romantic v-day date. Click here to find something boho chic. 

Boho Vday outfit


If your style icons come from Clueless and Gossip Girl these styles are for you. Our preppy queens already know that your look will be clean, polished, and girly of course. To achieve this type of look for a date think of busting out your fitted plaid mini skirt,  a turtle neck, and matching blazer. Marching sets and Blazer dresses are also great options to achieve this style. Now your shoe option will turn this into a sexy look or something more girl next door. If you’re going for a sexy layer on your chain necklaces, use small pearl-style jewelry, and add your sexiest pumps. For a more girl-next-door vibe try adding a cute pair of stockings or long socks and chunky heels or loafers. Click here for more preppy date night looks. 

preppy vday outfit


If you’re like me and you’ve been in a relationship for 10 years valentine’s day might not be so over the top. So if you’re looking for something casual try pairing some flare jeans and a cute crop top or sweater. Add your favorite simple necklace or if the outfit allows adding something chunky to draw a little more attention to your style and some large hoop earrings. Casual can be super cute and perfect for those daytime dates. Check out our casual v-day looks here. 

Casual Vday outfit


Edgy has so many different meanings to different queens, but for the purposes of keeping this blog as simple as possible, we’re going to go with the classic edge for our v-day style. You’re going to want to break out your leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings, fitted crop top, a jacket if it's cold, and your sexiest pair of boots (thigh high if you have them). Click here for some sexy edgy styles. 

edgy vday outfit


One trend that I don’t think will ever go anywhere is the minimalist and yes there is a way to make minimalism sexy. Take your more tailored pair of khaki’s and add your favorite bodysuit. Accessorize with a cute belt, layered gold jewelry, and small gold earrings. If it’s chili be sure to take a simple knit cardigan and guess what you can wear your sneakers with this one. Comfort is the name of the game for this look. Check out our minimalist valentine’s day looks here. 

minimalist vday outfit


Last but, certainly not least we have our romantic valentine’s day looks. Now to achieve romance you’re going to want to think about your favorite princess and what she’d wear on a more regular type of day. You know when she’s not in full princess gowns. To achieve this look you’re going to want to get all of the florals, tulle, and lace you can find and put them together. If you need a little more guidance, try taking one of your floral summer dresses and adding a lace, mock turtle neck underneath for a sweet innocent type of style. If you have a tulle skirt pair it with a satin top to turn up the romance. Pair either look with your girliest jewelry or pearls and if you have lace gloves you already know the vibe so add those too. For more romantic style inspo click here. 

romantic vday outfit


Hopefully, we could inspire your valentine’s day look for 2022. If we did please tag us on IG (@ivy_reina) we’d love to repost our favorite looks all week long. Be sure to check in next week when we talk about some cute valentine’s day date ideas. XOXO, Ivy Reina 

Ashley Hernandez