Hey Queens, 

This weekend I ate so bad that I woke up with a blemish and immediately put on a face mask. That was all the motivation I needed to get back on my diet. I often wear a bare face so I don’t need acne making me feel insecure. By now we all know the importance of a good skincare routine, and today we want to give you some skincare tips that we live by so that we can eat our ice cream in peace. 

When we talk about skincare we have to start with our morning routine. To start my skincare routine I pull my hair back with a headband so that I have full access to my face. With a warm towel, I wet my face with warm water because I don’t like to apply my cleanser on dry skin (but I’m sure it doesn’t matter). After rinsing my face I use a damp warm towel to pat my skin semi-dry. With a cotton pad, I tone my skin with my favorite toner. Next, I typically use a water-based serum to hydrate my skin because my skin gets oily throughout the day, however, during the winter I will sub the water-based serum for an oil-based serum because the winter air makes my skin dry. The last few steps are to add my moisturizer and sunscreen to prevent sun damage. self care

At night my skincare routine gets dramatic (according to my husband lol). I start with my hair pulled back, deep cleansing cream, and an exfoliating brush (only once a week for the brush you don’t want to damage your skin) and massage my face with the brush. I tone my skin again and then apply a sheet mask. While I wait for my face mask to set I sip on a cup of tea and take the time to write in my journal. Once the 15 minutes is up I take off the mask and massage the remaining product into my skin. At night I always use an oil and cream-based serum and massage it into my skin with a jade roller. While I wait for it to dry down I take out my disco facial massager and give myself a facial massage. I top it off with my thick facial moisturizing cream so that my skin can get nice and moisturized throughout the night. On nights like tonight, when I have a blemish I will use Hydrocolloid Acne Patches overnight to reduce the acne. 

@ivyreina Doing some Self-care to get ready for a busy week. #selfcaresunday #boostofhope ♬ original sound - Imani Lauren

A good skin-care routine will definitely give you a more regal look. While we don’t sell skincare we do have a variety of self-care items that will make you feel super pampered right at home. Tag us in your self-care selfies on Instagram we’d love to hear about how our queens take care of their beautiful faces. XOXO, Ivy Reina 

Ashley Hernandez