Hello Queens,

Even though it’s 95 degrees here in Texas my heart is in the spirit of fall. I think it’s because I’m so excited to wear all of these fall trends. While I wait for the weather to cool down so I don’t pass out in a sweater I’ve been planning all of the fall activities that I want to do this year. After being stuck in the house for so long I’m ready to try new things so this week we’re talking about the top 5 fall activities on our get out of the house list. 

  1. First on my list is starting my spring garden. I finally remembered y’all! I’ve already picked out some spring plants to start that will be ready when spring arrives. Gardening is not only relaxing but it’s great for your health. A home garden will definitely be fresh and organic without question. Plus if your garden does really well you’ll be able to share it with friends. 
  2. Next on my list decorating my home with fall decor. Personally, I love Halloween so my fall decorations will have a witchy feel so I can feel like it’s spooky season all year long. This year I want to get my fall decor from an apothecary so that my pumpkin jars are filled with things I can actually use around the house and not just a bunch of candy. It’ll also be a great chance to try out all those decor DIYs that I saved on TikTok. You can also grab your girls and go antiquing for decorations because nothing says fall like antiques. antiques
  3. It wouldn’t be a fall activity list without mentioning the pumpkin patch. Personally, I want to do more than just take pictures so I’ll be looking for a pumpkin patch that has a corn maze. My fear of scary movies aside finding my way through a corn maze sounds like a fun activity. 
  4. Next, we need a group activity. Gather up your friends and rent out a cabin in the woods. Fall is the perfect time because it’s not so hot or cold that no one wants to be outside so you can do all of those fun outdoor activities. Group hike, make smores and have bonfires so you can tell ghost stories. A group camping trip will be perfect for reconnecting with everyone after a year of separation. bonfire
  5. Last but certainly the most fun, grab your friends and hit up your local wineries and breweries. I love a good fall sangria a trip to a winery will be the perfect place to pick out the perfect bottle for the mix. Although I do not like beer, beer tasting is actually a lot of fun. I love challenging the beer experts to find something I can actually finish a cup of. 

Hopefully, I was able to share some insightful activities for this fall that will inspire you to get out of the house. I know there were a ton of things that I didn’t mention, but I was trying to keep it to a top 5. So if you really want a part 2 comment and let us know other than that make sure you shop using code: FALL for 10% off so that you can be ready for all of your fall activities. XOXO, Ivy Reina

Ashley Hernandez