Hola Reinas,

In honor of Hispanic heritage month, we want to dedicate this week’s top 5 to our top 5 Latinx-style icons. These queens have definitely helped to shape the style of our brand. So, let’s get into it.

  1. We have to start our list with Selena Quintanilla. This style icon captured the hearts of billions before and after her untimely passing. She’s definitely one of the original petite curvy queens and her love of red lipstick and high-waisted pants and crop tops have definitely influenced a lot of the styles that we see today. If you ever find yourself in Corpus Cristi you have to visit the Selena museum where you can see some of her iconic costumes and dresses as well as shop for Selena merch. Selena
  2. It only makes sense to jump from Selena to J-Lo. Jennifer Lopez has always been beautiful, talented, and sexy. The styles she wears to this day tend to be jaw-droppingly sexy and we can’t get enough. Her signature glowy makeup makes her so agelessly beautiful that she can make sweatsuits look sexy. She definitely influenced the idea that there is no such thing as too sexy. Jlo
  3. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives us that classic powerful woman style with daily superfly suits that she rocks on her grind of being New York’s state representative. She makes the list because of her powerful statement during the 2021 Met Gala though, TAX THE RICH. She’s always had a powerful voice, but letting your clothing do the talking makes you a style icon for sure.
  4. We have to give props to the streetwear queen Cardi B. In collaboration with Fashion Nova, Cardi B has definitely shaped the style trends of the last 3 years. Cardi B’s style is a reflection of herself, with strong New York influences her style is super sexy and over the top even when it’s simple it’s gotta be different. Her uniqueness is definitely what made us fall in love with her style.
     Cardi B
  5. Last but certainly not least, we have Kali Uchis. This queen’s bold style gives us a bit of nostalgia with its Y2K inspiration in look and the 1960s and 70s inspirations in the next. We love how Kali Uchis style shows that she is a classic beauty that would have been an icon no matter the decade. We can’t wait to see what she does next.Kali Uchis

A list of 5 doesn’t even scratch the surface of Latinx style icons, but for now, we’ll leave it at this. Please leave a comment and let us know who your Latinx style icons are. Until next week remember, no matter what you wear you’re a freaking queen. XOXO, Ivy Reina