Hello Queens,

We’re back with our spooky season inspiration last week we talked about villains that we love and this week we want to highlight some of our favorite heroes. We considered what we think makes someone a hero and these ladies definitely saved the day even if it was just for the culture. 

  1. First up we have to give storm her props. Storm is the black female lead in the X-Men series and she was everything to me growing up. I once made a joke that Storm was my favorite superhero because she’s a black woman and I realized I was only half-joking at the time she might have been the only black female lead hero that I knew about. After that, I did more research into her character and fun face there is a marvel universe where she’s married to black panther and I need them to get on that because it’s a movie series we definitely need.  
  2. Up next we have Isis from Bring It On. Yes, this is Gabrielle Unions’ character and yes she’s the real hero in the movie. When the torros tried to steal their moves she showed up to let them know she knows what’s going on. Then she helped her team to raise enough money to go to competition for the first time and they showed out agian while they were there. She showed integrity, honor, and leadership making Isis a hero, argue with your mama. 
  3. Up next is Karen Beecher AKA Bumblebee. The first time I’d head of bumblebee was on teen titans when she helps the titans defeat some villain. After doing more research I found out that she was a brilliant scientist that gave herself the power to shrink to the size of a bee, fly, and deliver some electrifying bee stings. Not only that, but she was the first Black female superhero in the DC universe. 
  4. Now we can’t make a hero list without mentioning Nubia. For those that don’t know she’s wonder woman’s sister. This amazonian queen has the exact same powers as Diana and they actually fight at one point until they realize they’re on the same side. I bet DC could do black panther numbers if they made this movie, but what do I know. Nubia
  5. In honor of Indigenous People’s Day, we have to talk about a native female hero as well. Danielle Moonstar is a Native American woman of the Cheyenne Nation. She’s part of the X-Men Universe so she discovers she has mutant powers when she hits puberty. Moonstar is able to manifest her nightmares into reality and has some telepathic abilities. Throughout her life in the marvel universe, her powers are taken away and yet she still maintained some of her telekinetic abilities because she was an underappreciated badass.  Moonstar

Hopefully, you enjoyed this list, and if you do decide to be one of these heroes for Halloween make sure you tag us on IG (@ivy_reina) we want to be able to share everyone’s costumes this year. Check in on Monday for our top 5 classic halloween styles. XOXO, Ivy Reina 

Ashley Hernandez