Weekly Motivate and Meditate 3

Good Evening Queens! Ok, is it just me, or does it seem like every weekend in June has been busy, busy? Either way, we are ready for our five self-care tips of the week. 

  1. Meal Prep: So last week, we made our menus for the week, now we need to work on meal prepping. I like to pick two days out of the week to meal prep ( I can’t do it all in one day. That’s too much, lol). On meal prep days, I eat leftovers, and I make sure I eat before I start cooking; that way, I’m nice and full and don’t have to stress about quickly getting everything together. 
  2. Girl Talk: Call your girls! When I call my friends, I know that we are about to be on the phone for a few hours, so I make sure I have my snacks ready and nothing pressing to do before I press the dial. We only talk once per week, if not once per month, so I know we will be getting caught up on everything in between. 
  3. Start Your Garden: Gardening is such a relaxing pass time. I love buying new house plants to water and take care of on the weekends. While I maintain my plants, I like to play lofi for plants which, believe it or not, they love and flourish with the music. 
  4. Go shopping: No, seriously, shopping can be very therapeutic. The end of the month is the perfect time to catch some sales too. 


      5. Take a bath: I love to take spiritual baths. First, I fill the tub with warm water add my crystals, bath teas, and a bath bomb. Then, while the water is running, I light my candles, set up my playlist, put on a face mask, and go over my affirmations. Once I’m in the tub, my goal is to let go of all the negative energy and set my intentions for the power I want to carry out of the tub. The last thing I do is a sugar scrub, followed by a quick shower (yes, I shower after a bath because of human soup ew), and body oil. 

Tune in next week for another five ways to master self-care. XOXO, Ivy Reina

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