Happy Monday Queens!

Sorry about being MIA last week we went on vacation to Denver, don’t worry, all orders were filled and shipped as soon as we landed back in Dallas. All that time in nature had me thinking about sustainable fashion and giving back to nature (yes, I’m a hippy at heart, but a city girl in my mind). So this week’s list will be 5 ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but you know “make it fashion.” 

    1. Recycled fashion: So we all know about thrifting and discount stores, but if you’re like me these places trigger my anxiety because of the overwhelming amounts of products and clutter. I still find my way in one every year though because let’s be honest you can’t beat those prices. However, when I just can’t do it I love to repurpose my clothing, and there are tons of ways to do this without being able to sew (although knowing how to sew quadruples that number). As a plus-size gal, my thighs are strong, strong enough to rub wholes into my fashion nova jeans (my Ivy Reina jeans have made it 2 years I’m just saying), so one of my favorite ways to recycle is to turn those wholey fashion nova jeans into shorts for the summer. Not only are you recycling, but you’re also saving money on buying more shorts when you already loved the fit of your jeans. 
    1. Reduce: Now last time we talked about building a capsule wardrobe to simplify your closet. Having a capsule wardrobe also helps reduce waste by having fewer pieces of clothing that you can mix and match over and over without getting bored. Don’t forget to donate the ones you’re not using or wearing.
       Capsule Wadrobe
    2. Reuse: We’ve got to stop buying things that we can only wear once. Those cheap fast fashion stores we love are super bad for the environment producing 13 million tons of waste every year from the textiles alone, that doesn’t even include the plastic wrapping/shipping supplies, and gas from transportation. Shopping with small boutiques or more expensive brands is one way to shop sustainably. Boutiques typically aren’t creating much waste as they are not producing clothing on a 3-day turnaround like the newly popular SHEIN. I can’t speak for every boutique but the buyers and designers at Ivy Reina make sure to only purchase quality merchandise for our store so that your clothing doesn’t fall apart in the washing machine and can be worn over and over. This is why our prices are slightly more expensive but totally worth it.
       Plus Size Jeans
    3. Resell: Everyone has heard of sites like eBay, but not enough people take advantage of the site. You can resell all of your clothing on eBay. Of course how much make on your clothing depends on the presentation, quality, and descriptions you use. Reselling your clothing gives them a second chance at life and ensures they don’t end up in a landfill while putting some extra cash in your pockets to shop. If you’re shopping on eBay you can still find Ivy Reina merch if you want to stay in one place and shop. eBay
    4. Repair: So back to those old jeans, even if you can’t sew them yourself most cleaners will patch them for you for like $7 so your clothing is still wearable. They will also sew on buttons, let your clothing out if you’ve gained a little weight, or take your clothing in if you’ve met those weight loss goals. 


Our planet needs us to do our best to protect it so try the list above and keep some of these things in mind as well; try buying clothing made of natural fibers like cotton, wool, hemp, etc. Even small things will help our plant last a little longer. Tune in next week for our “back to school” tips. XOXO, Ivy Reina