As we get closer to Halloween we are starting to see a bunch of Halloween activities popping up around the city. So this week we’re giving you a list of Halloween activities that you should try this season.

    1. Obviously we have to start with decorating a pumpkin. If you have kids be sure to carve the pumpkin for them but let them help take out all of the seeds so that you can roast them for a healthy treat. For those of you that are kid-free like me pumpkin decorating can still be on the list. This year I’m painting my pumpkin pink and gold for a super cute fall decor moment that I can still use in November as long as the pumpkin hasn’t rotted. Pumpkin
    2. Have a backyard bonfire with your friends. I’m married so we’ll be having a few of each of our friends over to sit around our backyard bonfire. Bonus points if you make it a theme and have all of you friends dress up and tell ghost stores all night long. 


  1. As adults we need to make monthly girls night sleepovers a thing. Kick the men out and invite over the girls. Everyone wear their cutest PJs and bring a Halloween-themed snack and cocktail. This way no one is stuck buying all the food and everyone can get drunk without having to worry about driving home. Click the photo to take a look at our newest PJ set.  PJs
  2. Make your next Netflix and chill a ghost hunt night. I personally am not a fan of scary movies the music and jump scares trigger my anxiety. So instead I like to watch those ghost hunt/paranormal  shows and decide with my husband if the house is actually haunted or if they’re tripping. Turn it into a drinking game by taking a shot every time you see something that may be a ghost. 
  3. If you’re really bout that spooky life rent a room at a haunted hotel. Stay up all night or as long as you can and record your stay. Not only is that an IG moment it’ll be fun to see if the hotel is actually haunted or if they’re just trying to get more bookings for Halloween. Haunted Hotel
  4. Bonus Activity: You can attend our trap n treats pop this Saturday 10/24. We’re having a costume contest so be sure to dress to impress. We will be at 2099 Valley View Lane #120 Farmers Branch TXPOP UP SHOP

If you do any of these activities please tag us on your social media we want to see all of your spooky adventures. IG: @ivy_reina FB: @ivyreina01 tiktok: @ivyreina XOXO, Ivy Reina 

Ashley Hernandez