Good Morning Queens, 

We’re half way through the month of April and we’ve been talking a lot about myself, but today I want to talk about Ivy Reina and the plans I have for my boutique. One thing I’ve learned in the almost 3 years that we have been open is that you have to set SMART goals in your business or you’ll have nothing to work towards. It took a while but I’m finally in a space where I feel like not only can I set goals, I can actually achieve them as well. So this week I want to share 3 of my biggest goals for Ivy Reina.


Goal #1: I want to be able to start hiring employees. Right now Ivy Reina is run completely by myself. I do literally everything for my brand, from designing my website to packing orders it’s quite literally just me. Now what I have been able to do that you all seem to really love is join a drop shipping company to house and supply the inventory on my site. On the upside you get more trendy styles to choose from and on the down side things take longer to ship (and I never get to actually see what is coming to you.) This feature does however make me feel like I have employees and I’m definitely on top of them about getting your merchandise to you. One day when I do actually have employees, I’ll be able to take a trip to China to hand select options, but until then we’re working with what we have. 


Goal #2: Start hosting Trunk Shows! So we’re all familiar with how MLM’s work right? You host a party for them, you and your friends buy stuff, you earn free products the more your friends purchase, and they try to get you to join the business. Well using that same concept except, you don’t have to go into business with me, but you can become an affiliate and earn cash just by sharing the link, no purchase necessary (we already have this program set up.) So to make the idea more clear, imagine a private pop up shop for you and your friends and family, when you get 10 sales at your party you get a free item from me, but if you’re signed up to be an affiliate you’ll also earn a 10% commission when you, your friends, and family use your link to shop. The plan is to start hosting these events in the summer, but you’ll start to see the information for it start to roll out towards the end of May. 


Goal #3: Now this is the big goal. If not by the end of this year, definitely the beginning of next year, I want to open a brick and mortar location. This has always been the dream and I’m working hard to turn it into a reality. I want to build a place that you can come and try on and actually see the clothing before you purchase. I want the boutique to look like glam girl luxury (because it has to be instagramable), but still carry the affordable luxury pieces you’ve been accustomed to. 


I hope you’re as excited about the future of Ivy Reina as I am because I literally couldn’t  have come this far without y’all. As we crush these goals I can’t wait to share all the wins with you. Until next week, remember that you’re a queen. XOXO, Ashley Hernandez CEO Ivy Reina

Ashley Hernandez
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