Now that the holidays are over we can get back to our weekly blog post! We couldn’t start the year off without talking about the upcoming fashion trends of 2022. Some of our favorites from 2021 are rolling over into the new year and so of the new trends, I can’t wait to try. 

Let’s start with the trending colors for 2022. For the winter to spring transitionary period we’re in now you’re going to see pastels and soft neutrals remain in everyone’s 2022 color palates, but as it starts to warm up outside so will our color palettes. Come spring we will be seeing a lot of bright rich jewel tones and artisan-style patterns. Now let’s talk winter trends. After being locked up in the house for the last two years I think everyone is ready to take some risks, especially when it comes to their style preferences. Let’s get into these winter-style trends so you can get ready to become a trendier you. 

pantone color of 2022pantone color of the year

  •  We have to start our list with the brave and the bold look of wearing feathers. We’re not talking about the feather earrings from the ‘09, but rather the full-on feather dress. Now reading about it definitely makes me think… hmmm I don’t know about that one, but when you see it in photos I completely get it. The girls are giving the 1920s glam that we thought we’d be seeing in 2020 and I’m here for all of it. Feather Dress
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  • Up next we have pearls. We’re seeing the pear trend in everything from jewelry to makeup and honestly, the pearl makeup trend is definitely something we want to try. When it comes to jewelry we love seeing the pearls paired with the gold chains. It gives us modern elegance and we love to see it. 
     Pearl Makeup
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  • The next trend on our list is the color pink! The super cute and girly trend has everyone using the different shades of this romantic color to express different styles. For example, hot pink for the baddie looks, rose pink for romantic date outfits, and softer pastels for girly workwear. Pink outfit
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  • NEON is back in style! I think everyone is in need of a dopamine boost and so we’re adding bright neon colors to our wardrobe because how do you not smile while wearing a brightly colored outfit. We love the Y2K aesthetic and it’s here to stay! Neon barbie
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    • Next on our list, we have knitwear. Knit outfits have become one of the hottest trends to lead us into 2022. We’re not talking about your grandma’s knit sweater either, there are super sexy knit sets, dresses, and swimsuits as well as super-cute crop tops and yes sweaters. knitwear
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    • I don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon. Leopard print is back on the prowl for winter 2022. We love a leopard coat look as well as the full-on leopard outfit trend because who knew that leopard print could be monochromatic. leopard dress
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    • Last on our list is the transparent trend. This was one of my favorite trends when I was in college and I’m glad it’s back. Back then the trend was to wear a super cute and colorful bra under a sheer top. Now the trend is more monochromatic, with a matching bra under your transparent top. transparent dress
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    There are a few other trends that we left out but we’ll be back with the trend talk next month. Last year we talked about how to create a capsule wardrobe and if you’ve already done that adding these trendy items to your closet will ensure that you always look like the queen that you are. Come back next Monday to see how you can slay runway trends for less.  XOXO, Ivy Reina

    Ashley Hernandez